Our mission is to help lead the medical cannabis renaissance across the United States by creating centers of excellence for medical cannabis operations, R&D, education, and economic and social impact in each state we are licensed in.



Access to patients seeking medical cannabis to treat chronic conditions


Brands with a commitment to offering the highest-quality plant-based medicine


Diversity, culture and community


In a leading-edge R&D program to support our educational and access related initiatives


The patient base through education, communication and product formulation.

Aspire began investing in medical cannabis in Florida, where we began to see the need for R&D ranging from operational innovations to medical applications. Since then, Aspire’s core team of investors has expanded to Pennsylvania, Nevada, and is seeking licenses in Georgia, Alabama, and other medical-only states. Wherever we go, Aspire is committed to continuous improvement through our Impact & Innovation Platform. We have established research partnerships in multiple states, which represent an R&D vertical to allow studies from plant genetics, supply-chain, pharmaceutical, and medical perspectives. Our goal is to continuously improve and innovate by applying our discoveries in our own business and beyond. Continuous improvement is not limited to R&D, which takes time – social issues and economic development are areas where Aspire can have an immediate positive impact.

Our Impact and future

We understand the difference between economic impact and equitable impact. Our aim is to have an immediate and long-lasting equitable impact in three areas: geographic, demographic, and economic.

We currently have 450k sq ft of cultivation, production and retail and 350k under development as well as over 700 employees across 6 states.

  • Create Employment Opportunities and job training in Georgia’s
    medical cannabis industry
  • Promote and encourage the growth of industry and existing employers
  • Stimulate Economic Development
  • Sponsor Education Programs
  • Advance Workforce Education and Job Training
  • Support Public Services
  • Improve Health and Quality of Life by Providing Information About Potential Benefits and
  • Enhance the diversity of our work force by providing job opportunities for veterans, women, the disabled and minorities.